Happy World EV Day!

There are many reasons to celebrate the rise of electric vehicles this World EV Day, not least to acknowledge the benefits to the environment without the harmful greenhouse gasses being released when getting from A to B.

The transport sector accounts for 25% of ALL greenhouse emissions globally and is leading contributor to the devastating impact on global climate stability. Coupled with the UK’s cities introducing ever-stringent regulations in the form of Low Emission Zones to help clean up the air in our urban areas, now is the perfect time to consider the move to electric.

Here at Super Soco, we’re proud to be able to make electric vehicle technology more accessible and affordable to everybody. From the TC Max to the CPx, our entire range of motorcycles and scooters feature removable batteries that can be charged from standard UK 3-pin plugs in just 3-4 hours and can all legally be ridden on UK roads after a day’s Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), which costs just £100-150.

Super Soco TC Max and CPx electric vehicles in Cornwall

Make the difference

Making the switch to electric could save an enormous amount of greenhouse gasses being released into the atmosphere when commuting each day. A Toyota Prius hybrid for example, emits an average of 94 grams of Carbon Dioxide per kilometre. And based on the average UK household daily commute of 8 miles, this would equate to approximately 336,000 litres of CO2 being released into the atmosphere just to get to work over the course of a year (based on a 256-day working year). For popular petrol equivalents, such as the latest and most efficient Volkswagen Golf 8 1.5 TSI, which emits 122 grams of CO2 per km, this figure would increase to 435,000 litres of CO2 being released over the same period!

By comparison, a Super Soco vehicle would emit just 27,000 litres of CO2 to complete the same journey over the course of a working year. This is considering the current average UK energy supply in most households being powered by non-renewable energy solutions. By using a renewable provider such as Octopus Energy, or Ovo Energy, or by installing renewable alternatives at home, this figure can even be reduced to zero – making for a carbon neutral method of transport!

Discover how much you could make a difference by checking out our CO2 calculator and consider switching to a more sustainable alternative to make a positive change.