The UK’s best-selling electric motorcycle brand, Super Soco (Vmoto) has been strategically bought out by the manufacturer (Vmoto Soco Group), to guarantee long term stability to owners and dealers.

The UK distributor, which has promoted the brand since 2015 to make it synonymous with electric bikes, will now be known as Vmoto Soco UK.

A new range of machines, available from just £1,699, will continue to sell under the Super Soco name, alongside newly introduced premium Vmoto branded models such as the newly launched and well-received ‘Stash’ machine. Additionally, dedicated Vmoto fleet models will further extend the important fleet sales opportunity for delivery bikes.

With electric scooters and lower output motorcycles continuing to grow in popularity, these product ranges of dealer sold and delivery fleet models should bolster this vibrant sector of the UK market.

Vmoto Soco Group Managing Director Mr Charles Chen said, “This is a strategic acquisition that provides Vmoto with direct access to over 50 active B2C dealers in the UK, which is an important EV market for the company and will allow Vmoto to further expand its presence in the UK with an established management team. Direct sales to the B2C dealers will also allow Vmoto to grow the UK market share with more focused support.”

Andy Fenwick, Managing Director, Vmoto UK Distribution Limited commented; “Super Soco has become very well known amongst electric bike fans in the UK and our dealer network has made great strides in building brand confidence, so it is great that the manufacturer itself has invested into the distributor.”

Clive Mann, Vmoto Soco UK Sales Director added “This acquisition is a potential game changer for the UK two wheel EV market, allowing for us to push the Vmoto Super Soco as a manufacturer owned brand to the next level. Our aim is for this to benefit all, dealers, the environment and ultimately the end customer, the rider”