The Ultra Low Emission Zone is set to grow in London in just over a week’s time. On 25th October 2021, millions of drivers will be affected when charges will apply to vehicles used within an expanded radius in the capital.

As the ULEZ expands to include the North and South Circular area, it means that cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles that don’t meet the emission requirements will need to pay a daily charge of £12.50 when driving within this zone, which will make travelling to work a lot more expensive for some.

Based on an average working year being 261 days, if you commute by car to the office and need to pay the additional ULEZ charge, you could be looking at an additional bill of £3,262.50. And that’s before you’ve even added the additional cost of petrol, tax, additional servicing, and parking to the equation too.

London Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion

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You can find out if the ULEZ expansion will affect your current vehicle here.