The Super Soco CU mini is the answer to lightweight and affordable electric urban transportation. Safer than an e-scooter, the CU mini redefines just how simple it can be to get around our cities and urban areas affordably and does so in an environmentally responsible way.

The latest model from the UK’s best-selling electric motorcycle brand is coming to the UK. The Super Soco CU mini will debut at Motorcycle Live at The NEC, Birmingham from 4-12 December, and will be available to pre-order in dealerships very soon.

The launch of the CU mini will see Super Soco strengthen its position as the leading provider of lightweight and affordable electric urban transport. The nimble and efficient model is set to redefine just how simple it can be to get around the city or town in a safe, affordable and environmentally responsible way.

Far safer than an e-scooter thanks to already existing legislations and laws, the CU mini’s twist and go throttle enables effortless and stable travel through urban areas, making it ideal for the commute. The CU mini will be priced at just £1,699 inclusive of £150 discount via the UK Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles Funding (OZEF) grant, making it far more cost-effective in the long-term than most public transport.

A patented 600-watt motor offers dynamic throttle control, while the braking system with 130mm front and rear disc brakes allows for responsive stopping power. With a top speed of 25mph, the CU mini is AM licence-compliant and can be ridden with a valid CBT or by those who obtained a car licence prior to 2001.

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Costing just £1,699.00 with the OZEF grant applied, the CU mini is the most accessible and affordable vehicle in the Super Soco range.

AM licence compliant, the Super Soco CU mini can be ridden from 16 years old with a valid CBT, or by those who obtained their driving licence before 2001.

Like the rest of the Super Soco range, the CU mini features a fully removable battery that weighs just 7kg and can be charged from any 3-pin UK household plug socket.

Weighing in at just 50kg, the Super Soco CU mini is the smallest and lightest vehicle in its class.

Dressed to impress, the Super Soco CU mini takes styling cues from its bigger sibling; the Super Soco CUx.

Super Soco CU mini
Super Soco CU mini
Super Soco CU mini lithium-ion battery
Super Soco CU mini
Super Soco CU mini

The CU mini pushes the boundaries of urban mobility with its removable lithium-ion battery, which is the lightest in its class and offers true flexibility without sacrificing on range. Weighing just 7kg, it can be charged at home or work from any standard three-pin UK plug and can last up to 40km between charges.

Keyless ignition aids ease of operation and an inbuilt alarm and tracking features boast industry-leading security. Coupled with the Super Soco app, you can track the bike in real time and monitor date of discharge from my mobile device.

Super Soco will be at Motorcycle Live with its biggest-ever stand, showcasing its existing model range as well as some new and exciting machines. A selection of Super Soco bikes will also be available for show-goers to ride in the MCIA Try Ride and the Electric Feature. Expert Super Soco staff will be on hand to chat about how you can improve your lifestyle by switching to electric transport.

CU mini


Super Soco CU mini




42kmh / 26mph Max Speed, 1 kW Max Power


40 km / 25 miles** Estimated Range, 40v 28Ah (1.1kWh) Battery Capacity


AM – CBT from 16 years old (50cc equivalent)

CU mini

Super Soco CU mini