Super Soco flex their strength in the urban mobility sector with a 60-mile ride from London to Brighton in the Big Lemon EV Rally

With some of the biggest players in electric vehicle technology, and over 70 vehicles taking part, the Big Lemon London to Brighton EV Rally was the perfect place to showcase the might and usability of the Super Soco CPx in the inaugural event.

The event has been hailed for its success in celebrating the rapid developments that are currently being made in the electric vehicle sector and provided the perfect demonstration to showcase this, with everything from electric supercars to the Big Lemon electric busses taking part alongside Super Soco in a unified rally.

Super Soco CPx electric scooter in the Big Lemon London to Brighton EV rally

Starting at Southbank, in the midst of London before heading south and finishing at Brighton’s iconic Maderia Drive, the event is being heralded for being the first of its type in the UK.

Besides being tonnes of fun to take part in, the event was a serious showcase of the rise of electric advancements in the past few years and shown a future that embraces the latest in electric vehicle technology.

Super Soco CPx electric scooter in the Big Lemon London to Brighton EV rally

Super Soco’s UK Marketing Manager, James Archibald, was taking part in the rally and said “It’s been a really special event to be a part of, especially given the significance that electric vehicles have in a future of more sustainable and less polluting means of getting around.

“To ride in this event for Super Soco has been a real privilege, both personally for me, and for Super Soco as a brand. The CPx was the perfect tool for the job too; with its dual battery capability providing up to 87 miles between charges and 54mph top speed providing the ideal companion for the trip.”