Vmoto Soco UK recently donated an electric CUx scooter with a bespoke livery for an Auto-Trail Owners Club raffle, to help raise funds towards the Thames Valley Air Ambulance Charity.

The owners club 30th anniversary rally took place over a weekend in late July with over 50 ‘First Timers’ welcomed as a group. The weekend saw a disco held on the Friday, and a garden fete in a barn on the Saturday. Presentations for anniversaries were held on the Sunday, with oldest and newest vans, furthest and shortest distances travelled, and prizes awarded from fete games, plus the raffle draw where the star prize Super Soco CUx was announced.

Dennis Straw proved to be a fitting winner of the raffled bike. And it might have been a case of beginner’s luck, as the 30th anniversary rally was the first Auto-Trial rally Dennis had attended, making it one he will certainly not forget.

Dennis Straw is given the keys to his new Super Soco CUx electric scooter

Jan Lewis, Auto-Trail Owners Club Director, “The 30th anniversary celebrations were fantastic. We’re very grateful to Vmoto Soco UK for generously donating the CUx scooter to our raffle. It was a super prize and it kept people interested in the raffle all weekend helping raise funds for the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Dennis had not been to one of our rallies before and was not sure what to expect but after winning was obviously very happy. And being a former mod the bike will be off to a great home!”

You can learn more about the Auto-Trail Owners Club via www.atocuk.com