2020 10% Discount Offer

At Super Soco we are helping everyone who has been affected by Covid-19 gain access to independent transport. Our electric bikes offer a self-contained and self-sufficient alternative to public transport and with this offer running until the end of 2020 there’s never been a safer time to commute to work on two wheels.
The batteries in our bikes are removable and this makes our electric bikes easy to charge from any 3 pin socket in either your home, garage or workplace. It also eliminates the need to fill up at petrol stations and having to touch dirty petrol pumps! Allowing you to safely complete your journey in complete isolation.

There’s a Super Soco model ideal for every commuter, as they are suitable for the vast majority of urban commutes. The TC, TSX and CUX models can all be ridden with a pre-2001 car licence or CBT from 16 years old, while the TC Max and CPx are suitable for those riders who have completed a CBT course and are 17 years old or greater or hold an A1 Motorcycle license.

We are currently offering a 10% discount to all people during lockdown across Mainland UK.

How our 10% discount offer works:
• Get in contact by calling 0800 133 7304 or contact your local Super Soco dealership directly.
• We will link you with a dealer who is able to serve your area.
• The dealer will conclude all aspects of the purchase over the telephone, so no visit to a dealership is necessary.
• Your electric bike will be made available to collect or delivered to your home or workplace, fully prepared, and ready to ride on the road. Dealership personnel will demonstrate the features of the vehicle while maintaining adequate social distancing.

TC Max

Super Soco TC Max electric motorcle
Introducing the Super Soco TC Max electric motorcycle. The first Super Soco for the highway – extra urban commuting just got electric.

Power and precision. Only £4,249 £3,825 with Lockdown Discount*


Super Soco CPx electric scooter
The new maxi electric scooter that does everything a 125cc petrol can do, but better. Introducing the CPX.

Powerful convenience. Only £3,599 £3,239 with Lockdown Discount*


Super Soco TC electric motorcycle
The cafe racer enters the electric age. Powerful, responsive and fun to ride, the TC electric bike is inspired by the golden age of British motorcycling.

Silence with style. Only £2,999 £2,699 with Lockdown Discount*


Super Soco TSx electric motorcycle
The ultimate urban commuting machine. The Super Soco TSx electric motorcycle can easily slice through the busiest of traffic, leaving everything else behind.

Update your commute. Only £2,999 £2,699 with Lockdown Discount*

CUX Ducati

Super Soco Cux Special Edition Ducati electric scooter
Special edition version of our iconic CUx electric scooter – launched at the Ducati factory in the presence of racing greats.

Join the champions. Only £2,499 £2,249 with Lockdown Discount*


Super Soco Cux electric scooter
Comfortable, easy to ride and loads of fun, the Super Soco CUx electric scooter is swift, light and wonderfully smooth.

Electric elegance. Only £2,249 £2,025 with Lockdown Discount*

*  All prices inclusive of 10% Lockdown discount & OLEV Plug-in Motorcycle Grant, which provides a grant of 20% of the price of the vehicle, up to a maximum of £1,500. Exclusive of £55 DVLA registration fee.

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