Super Soco has become the first electric motorcycle brand in the UK to surpass 1000 unit sales in a single year!

Super Soco has become the first-ever electric motorcycle and scooter brand in the UK to sell over 1000 units in a single year, showing that there is an increasing desire for zero emission urban transport that is convenient, reliable and safe.

The company, which specialises in small-capacity, zero-emission electric machines for urban use, surpassed the record-breaking figure at the end of August. It has sold 1028 machines in 2021 so far to strengthen its position as the UK’s fastest-growing and best-selling electric powered two-wheeler (e-PTW) brand.

The achievement comes on the back of a strong 18 months for both Super Soco and electric motorcycle sales overall. This has been driven partly by consumers seeking a safer way to travel during the pandemic, coupled with an increase in environmental awareness and the desire for zero emission urban transport that is both properly legislated, and which – thanks to removable batteries – doesn’t rely on the existing public charging infrastructure.

In 2020, Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) figures showed that e-PTW registrations were 51.2% up on the previous year, while Super Soco’s own sales have increased by a huge 478% in 2021. The brand is leading the charge in the electric category, accounting for an impressive 26.78% of all e-PTW registrations for the year-to-date. The 125cc-equivalent CPx maxi scooter is the UK’s best-selling electric machine, with 698 units registered so far this year, while the TC Max café-racer style motorcycle has enjoyed a 70% increase in sales compared to 2020.

Super Soco surpass 1000 unit sales in a year

MCIA statistics also show that Super Soco – which was only launched in the UK in 2017 – is ranked as the 17th best-selling powered two-wheeler brand overall, beating well-established petrol-powered giants such as Aprilia and Husqvarna. With the Department for Transport banning the sale of all new petrol motorcycles from 2035, the increasing appearance of electric marques in the best-selling list could signify that the gradual shift to e-PTWs is already underway.

With five 100% electric models in the Super Soco line-up, ranging from the entry-level 50cc-equivalent twist and go CUx scooter and TSx motorcycle to the 125cc-equivalent CPx maxi scooter and TC and TC Max motorcycles, there’s something for every urban commuter’s needs. Each model features easily removable batteries that can be charged from a domestic three-pin plug within 3-4 hours.

Prices range from £2,249 to £4,249 inclusive of 20% discount via the UK Government’s Office for Zero Emission Vehicles Funding (OZEF) grant. To view more, and arrange a test ride, contact your nearest Super Soco dealership.

Richard Jordan, CEO of Super Soco UK
“We are obviously very pleased as a company to have reached this sales milestone after four years of hard work to establish the brand in the UK, but more than that, we are really excited about what it means for the electric industry as a whole. No electric powered-two wheeler brand has ever sold this many units in a single year before and it really goes to prove that the shift from petrol to electric is beginning to take hold. Our particular focus is of course on urban mobility and the fact that Super Soco offers an efficient, affordable, convenient and zero emission way of travelling in towns and cities right now, without major safety concerns or the worry that public infrastructure doesn’t support it. It’s a no-brainer for environmentally-aware commuters and we’re happy that the message is now translating into real life situations”